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  • Покана за участие в конкурс по програма „Преводи 2020“ на Национален фонд „Култура“

    The Translation Grant Programme supports the promotion of Bulgarian fiction abroad by supporting the translation of different genres of Bulgarian literature into various foreign languages. The aim of the program is to preserve, present and promote its diversity to the foreign audience. *Please note, the application procedure is currently only available in Bulgarian.* The programme conditions in English can be downloaded from the ‘Conditions’ / ‘Условия’ button below. The application pack can be downloaded from the ‘Download documents’/ ‘Свали документи’ button after completing a registration on the NCF website.

    Срок за кандидатсване: 07.05.2020 (11:00) – 07.07.2020 (15:00)

    За допълнителна информация ТУК.

    Публикувано на 12/04/2020