Faculty of Technical Sciences

In 2004 the Academic Council at Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen decided a new Faculty of Technical Sciences to be established.

The Faculty of Technical Sciences was established by Government decree № 37/27.02.2006.

The Faculty of Technical Sciences operates in accordance with the mission of Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen.

The main objective of the Faculty of Technical Sciences is to train highly qualified specialists in the field of technical sciences required by the labour market in the region and the country. 
This very objective implies the following tasks to be fulfilled:

  • creation  and dissemination of  academic knowledge in the areas of technical sciences and application of contemporary academic standards;
  • training of engineers in Bachelor and Master Degree Programmes in the following professional fields: “Communication and Computer Technology”, “Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy”, “General Engineering” and “National Security”;
  • carrying out fundamental and applied research in the above-mentioned professional fields;
  • training Doctoral students in the following programmes: “Radiolocation and Navigation”, “Communication Networks and Systems”, “Automated Systems for Information Processing and Management”, “Application of the Principles and Methods of Cybernetics in Various Fields of Science,” “General, Higher and Applied Geodesy “, “Cartography”,”Photogrammetry and Distance Methods “,”Land Management;
  • active collaboration with other Bulgarian and foreign university units with similar scientific and academic interests.

The aims of the academic community at the Faculty are to strengthen the Faculty, to have successful accreditation of the professional fields awarded by the National Agency of Accreditation, development of modern educational facilities and maintainace of administrative and academic staff quality. Currently, all professional fields have been awarded program accreditation for six years from the National Agency of Accreditation.
There are four departments within the  Faculty structure. These are “Communication and Computer Technologies”, “Geodesy”, “Engineering Logistics” and “Management of Security Systems”. The academic staff comprises of 40 lecturers. 11 of them are Professors, 15 are Associate Professors, 6 Senior Lecturers and 10 Assistants.
There are 16 specialized laboratories within the Faculty of Technical Sciences equipped with modern computer configurations, instrumental and applied programme software.
The academic staff within the Faculty of Technical Sciences participates in various national and international research projects and scientific forums.
The partners of the Faculty of Technical Sciences are prominent academic institutions from Bulgaria and abroad. Also, the faculty has established good partnership with different organizations and companies.
Students and lecturers within the Faculty annually participate under ERASMUS Programme.
There is a branch of IEEE within the Faculty of Technical Sciences. Annually, the chair of IEEE branch within the Faculty participates in the forums organized in one of the European capitals.