Faculty of Education

The mission and the aims of the Faculty of Education are in accordance with its profile and activities. All Faculty activities comply with higher education requirements and values. These focus on meeting public needs both in Northeastern Bulgaria and all over the country in terms of education, culture and science.

     The academic profile of the Faculty of Education successfully combines traditional pedagogical heritage and modern academic trends. The Faculty priorities in education, research and sport are as follows:

  • training of highly qualified and flexible teachers who will be able to cope with nowadays challenges, requirements and labor market demands; .-
  • pedagogical training of students from other faculties within Shumen University who would like to acquire pedagogical qualification;
  • providing opportunities for training students as specialists having professional knowledge, skills and competences that will allow them to cope with peculiarities in practice in regions with poly-ethical, multicultural and multi-religious population. Their priority will be education in spirit of tolerance and respect to different ethnicity values;
  • carrying out applied research in response to the society needs that are connected with  enhancement of educational process effectiveness and future teachers` professionalism;
  • integration within European research area by developing inter-institutional  national and international collaboration with academic and educational organizations;
  • integration of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Students by educational and research process to the achievements in academic area;
  • creating of optimal learning environment to enhance the level of education, qualification and requalification of graduates and other staff from the region and the country in terms of lifelong  learning strategies;
  • organization of international scientific forums and dissemination and publication of  scientific and creative achievements of Faculty academic staff, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral students.