Supervisory Board

In compliance with article article 34 а, paragraph 1 from the Law on Higher Education the Supervisory Board ensures internal monitoring within Shumen University. It supervises the legitimacy of elections for management bodies at the Shumen University and its structural units and reports the results of the supervison to the Academic Council. The Supervisory Board is entitled to budgetary comments that are reported at Academic Council open sessions and General Assembly Sessions. It is responsible for the observance of the Law on Higher Education, the Internal Regulations of Shumen University.

The Supervisory Board reports on its activity at least once per a year to the General Assembly and Academic Council. 

  • Assoc. Prof. Tihomir Spirdonov Trifonov, PhD – President of the Supervisory Board, Faculty of Technical Sciences
  • Prof. Elena Viktorovna Stoyanova, PhD – Vice-President of the Supervisory Board, Faculty of Humanities
  • Prof. Dimitar Todorov Vladev, PhD – Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Assoc. Prof. Gurkhan Husein Nedzhibov, PhD – Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences
  • Assoc. Prof. Plamen Stefanov Petkov, PhD – Faculty of Education
  • Prof. Nikolay Stoyanov Kolishev, DSc – Department of Information, Qualification and Lifelong Learning in Varna
  • Prof. Nayden Valkov Nenkov, PhD – College-Dobrich
  • Evgeni Tsonkov Kostadinov – Student Council