There are 5 departments within the Faculty of Natural Sciences:

  1. Plant Protection, Botany and Zoology
  2. Biology
  3. Geography, Regional Development and Tourism
  4. Physics and Astronomy
  5. Chemistry

1.3. Pedagogy of the Teaching in…

3.9. Tourism

4.1. Physics

4.2. Chemistry

4.3. Biology

4.4. Earth Science

6.2. Plant Protection

  • Bachelor Degree Program
  • Master Degree Program
Doctoral Programs:
  • Astrophysics
  • Ecology and Environmental Protection
  • Medical Physics
  • Methodology of teaching Biology and Health Education
  • Methods of Teaching Geography
  • Methods of Teaching Chemistry and Environmental Protection
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
Scientific Centers:
  • Astronomical Center
  • Center for Working with Prominent Students
  • Center for Natural Sciences
Academic Staff

The educational process at the Faculty of Natural Sciences is performed by highly qualified academic staff comprised by 47 lecturers. There are 32 habilitated lecturers: 10 professors and 22 associate professors. There are also non-habilitated academic staff includes 9 chief assistants, and 6 assistants and lecturers. 40 of the academic staff hold the scientific degree “Doctor” and 2 of the academic staff hold “Doctor of Science” degree.

Training Base

The Faculty of Natural Sciences disposes of specialized laboratories for conducting practical classes on Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Plant Protection. The faculty has 3 own computer laboratories (Corpus 1 – 212 and 412 laboratory; Corpus 3 – 518 laboratory). In addition, the students use another 8 computer laboratories of the University of Shumen, located in Corpus 3. The Faculty has an Astronomical Center, Center for Natural Sciences with Astronomical Observatory, Center for Work with Distinguished Students and Specialized GIS Laboratory with Scientific Library.

  • Scientific conferences
  • Projects
  • Scholarships
  • 1971 – The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics was established at the Higher Pedagogical Institute in Shumen.
  • 1990 – The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics was transformed into four independent faculties: Faculty of Mathematics, Faculty of Physics, Faculty of Chemistry and Faculty of Biology.
  • 2001 – Three of the faculties – Faculty of Physics, Faculty of Chemistry and Faculty of Biology – established the Faculty of Natural Sciences.