Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programmes

Bachelor’s Degree Programs:
  • Astronomy and Meteorology
  • Medical Chemistry
  • Ecology and Environmental Protection
  • Geography and Regional Policy
  • Biology and Chemistry
  • Geography and Biology
  • Methods of Teaching Natural Sciences
  • Plant Protection
  • Tourism.
Master’s Degree Programs:
  • Plant Protection in Shumen (Graduates from Professional Bachelor`s Degree)
Master Degree Programs (Post-BA or MA):
  • Astrophysics (Shumen)
  • Bioterrorism and Food Safety (Shumen)
  • Didactics of Biology and Health Education (Shumen)
  • Ecological Biotechnology and Food Control (Shumen)
  • Ecological Chemistry (Shumen)
  • Ecology of Medicinal Plants (Shumen)
  • Ecology of Microorganisms, Biotechnology, Purification and Control  (Shumen)
  • Geography and Interactive Education (Shumen)
  • Chemical Aspects of Plant Protection (Shumen)
  • Meteorology (Shumen)
  • Medical Physics (Shumen)
  • Medical Chemistry (Shumen)
  • Methodology of Teaching Chemistry and Environmental Protection (Shumen)
  • Organic Chemistry (Shumen)
  • Applied Geography and Geographic Information Systems (Shumen)
  • Regional Development and Tourism (Shumen and Varna)
  • Plant Protection (Shumen)
  • Management and Conservation of Ecosystems (Shumen)