Shumen University Library offers specialized literature in the fields of humanities, natural, mathematical and social sciences. It is a branch of the University structure with educational, scientific, information and cultural functions and provides library and information services for education, research and cultural activities at the University. Shumen University Library rates second in Bulgaria among all University libraries in respect to its stock of old published books and microfilms of non-existent old published books.

The Library is founded on the basis of the Library of Petar Beron Semi-Higher Institute for primary teachers and the Affiliate Faculty of Sofia University in Shumen, from which it inherited a book-stock of 3 500 volumes.

The Library book-stock consists of books, periodicals, audio and videotapes. The book-stock contains more than 213 000 volumes. The Library gets about 170 periodicals annually. It is connected to the Internet Global Network.

The Library is situated in two buildings. The Central Library is located near the central building of the University, while the Specialized Education Library is in corpus 2, the building of the Faculty of Education. The Faculty of Education Library book-stock contains literature in psychology, social pedagogy, music education, theory and methodology of physical training and sports and fine arts education.

There are also specialized libraries in the College of Education in Dobrich and in the Department for Teacher Qualification in Varna.

In 1993 a library for foreign language education was founded. It contains about 7 000 volumes of books and periodicals, 245 audiocassettes and 35 videotapes. The library stock is enlarged due to donations by the British Council, Goethe Institute, United States Information Agency, Longman and Langenschein Publishing Houses, TEMPUS projects, etc. The University Library has a reading-room for English language and literature, equipped by the British Council