Academic Council

The Academic Council is a body that coordinates research and teaching process activities within Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen. The Council includes 43 members who are full-time lecturers, Bachelor, Master and PhD students and administrative staff at Shumen University. The Academic Council conducts open sessions that are legitimate if at least 2/3 of the members are present. The Academic Council accepts its decisions with an ordinary majority of the present members’ open vote unless otherwise decided by the Council or stated by the Law. As a rule the Rector is the Chair of the Academic Council meetings. On some occasion it is possible for Vice-rectors to chair the sessions.

According to article 30, paragraph (1) of the Law on Higher Education and Shumen University Internal Regulations, the Academic Council:

  • Outlines the educational policy of Shumen University, approves the mandate programme and controls its implementation.
  • Accepts Shumen University annual report.
  • Makes suggestions on the occasions envisaged in article 9, paragraph 3, section 3 of the Law on Higher Education.
  • Takes decisions for establishing, reorganizing or closing of departments and ancillary units at Shumen University.
  • Decides on majors, educational forms and degrees under which the educational process is being implemented and defines the number of students that are to be admitted in compliance with the demand of the main structural units’ representatives.
  • Approves or amends the qualification characteristics and the syllabi of Vocational Bachelor, Bachelor and Master Degree students at Shumen University.
  • Outlines Shumen University’s policy on scientific development and solves basic problems of research organization and contents.
  • Decides on the General Council members at Shumen University and how the latter are to be elected.
  • Determines the Human Resources policy at Shumen University, approves job profiles of the teaching staff and accepts the Evaluation Regulations.
  • Vice-rectors are elected with a secret vote once the Rector makes the nominations.
  • Takes decisions about agreements with universities and scientific organizations.
  • Annually accepts Shumen University budget and controls its realization.
  • Awards“Doctor Honoris Causa” title.
  • Accepts the rules and regulations on specific educational, scientific and creative activities at Shumen University.
  • Approves an Evaluating System and a Quality Assurance System for the educational process and the academic staff at Shumen University in compliance with article 6, paragraph 4 of the Law on Higher Education and controls its implentation and enhancement.
  • Accepts Evaluating Regulations on academic and administrative staff attestation.
  • Accepts rules on: the teaching process organization (contact hours of lecturers and students), scientific research organization, academic staff qualification, qualification of people with different educational degrees, the internal financial ballance, growth of tangible assets, as well as other internal regulations on Shumen University activity.
  • As per article 75 of the Law on Higher Education applies to the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency for starting an accreditation procedure for Shumen University.
  • At the suggestion of the respective structural units’ representatives elects and dismisses the directors of educational and scientific centres, in cases when the latter is envisaged in their rules and regulations.
  • Discusses and approves the reports of all structural units on regular basis at Shumen University in complianceaccording to article 6, paragraph 2 and 3.

Structural units

Number of members
Faculty of Humanities7
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences4
Faculty of Natural Sciences5
Faculty of Education7
Faculty of Technical Sciences4

Department of Information, Qualification and Lifelong Learning-Varna

Administrative Staff1
Undergraduates and PhD students6


(term of office from 2023 to 2027, General Assembly held on 27th October 2023)

Prof. Nataliya Vitanova, Dr. Habil - President of Academic Council and Rector of Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen<