Faculty оf Humanities

Faculty of Humanities is one of the oldest faculties at Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen. It was established in 1971 along with Shumen University. It offers education in Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree programmes in the fields of Philology, History and Archaeology, Religion and Theology, Public Communication and Information Sciences and Pedagogy.

Faculty alumni acquire fundamental and profound knowledge in Humanities. The educational process at the Faculty of Humanities is performed by highly qualified academic staff comprised by Professors, Associate Professors, Drs. Habil, PhDs. Within the the faculty structure there are effective scientific centres, laboratories, book-stock and specialized libraries. BA, MA and doctoral students participate in expeditions, field studies, scientific forumsand publish their academic researches in scientific periodicals.

The Faculty of Humanities has been educating generations of students who have  successfully integrated within different fields of public and professional life for 40 years –education, science, culture, linguistic and publishing practice, journalism and mass media, archeology and museum studies, orthodox church, administrative and social activities. Faculty graduates are respected teachers, university professors, scientists, writers, journalists, diplomats, politicians who are well recognized in Bulgaria and abroad.

The Faculty of Humanities has established contacts with all Bulgarian universities, the Bulgarian Academy of  Sciences as well as with universities and cultural institutions from Germany, Russia, USA, Great Britain, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, Ukraine and other countries.