Aims and Scope “Filologičeski rakursi”

The academic series “Filologičeski rakursi” of the Department of German Studies at the Faculty of Humanities of Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen provides an opportunity to publish materials in the field of philology studies.

Its main goal is to present serious academic research in various areas of linguistics and language studies: classical and modern literature, functional and cognitive linguistics, applied and corpus linguistics, comparative linguistics, media discourse linguistics, linguacultural studies, communication theory, intercultural communication, theory of discourse, semantics and pragmatics, translation theory, linguodidactics, folklore studies, ethnography, cultural studies, mythology, etc.

“Filologičeski rakursi” is double-anonymous peer-reviewed. The series imposes no restrictions on research methods and methodology and encourages interdisciplinary research. The research methods used may be qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods. The research design may be survey, experimental, thematic, etc. 

Acceptance, peer review and publication do not require payment of a fee. The scholarly series offers open access to its readers, allowing the articles to be seen in their entirety. The texts of the published research materials can be downloaded, copied, printed and distributed without violating the Copyright and Related Rights Act.

Information about the authors who have published in the periodical is included, as well as addresses for correspondence, which creates an opportunity for suggestions, opinions and discussions. The platform serves for the exchange of results and ideas, contributing to the development of theoretical and practical research, helping to establish and strengthen professional links between researchers from all over the world.

The qualities of the “Filologičeski rakursi” series have been acknowledged by international databases. “Filologičeski rakursi” is indexed in CEEOL and is included in the National Reference List of NACID in the Republic of Bulgaria.